We Come To You

At A Gym 2U we understand that life can be far too busy these days so we are glad to visit you at your home, local park or workplace with all the necessary equipment to help you achieve your fitness goals. We also understand that the 'Gym Scene' is not for everybody and that many people just don't feel comfortable training with other people watching. It can also be difficult to get motivated to participate in online training or when training on your own. The best way to solve these constraints is via our mobile personal training service and let the gym and trainer come to you.

Getting In Shape Should Be Fun


Fun Sessions Customised For You 

Every client is unique and therefore require a specialised approach for their training. Whether your goal is weight loss, strength and conditioning, pain relief or competitive sport fitness a program for your individual fitness level will be designed with the aim of keeping it fun yet challenging. The body is always evolving and it is up to us how it evolves. Choosing the right exercise program and diet for your wants and needs is crucial to the outcome.

Before programs are designed, every new client is given a thorough postural assessment to determine if any obvious postural aberrations exist. This free assessment normally takes around twenty minutes and is extremely important to how the program is structured in order to suit your body. In addition to the postural assessment a pre exercise questionnaire (PEQ) is also required from new clients to evaluate their medical history before exercise. These measures are essential to avoid aggravating existing conditions and injury.

Professional Trainers Get Results

Only accredited trainers are provided, armed with all the latest techniques and knowledge to help you achieve the results you are looking for. We understand it takes dedication and effort from both client and trainer to reach any fitness goal. Allow us to help set and guide you towards realistic achievable goals with our ' Funfit Approach' sessions.

At A Gym 2U positive results are everything. It is our aim to turn your effort into reward. With the right information and guidance at your disposal a better quality of life is within reach. Clients with determination and a will to achieve, obtain positive results throughout their tailored program. Program lengths vary from four to twelve weeks depending on your goals and current fitness levels. Programs are often adjusted as you progress and can be repeated or continued to obtain additional improvement.

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